Texas Hunt Club changes how hunters and landowners enjoy their game

Hunters around the state of Texas are acutely aware of just how big the state is, and the desire to experience hunts on more than a single ranch.  Texas Hunt Club looks to change how hunters enjoy their sport by connecting private ranches across the state offering a better option than the single location lease.

Texas Hunt Club boasts an easy to use and navigate reservation system, and CEO Cody Roberts explains that most of the ranches are within a short road trip–2.5 hours–of San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Forth Worth connecting the major centers of the state with the private ranches.  The mobile app and reservation system also ensures that the user is the only hunter in the blind, field, or tank that they have reserved.

For those too busy to worry about preparing the field, Texas Hunt Club takes out all of the hard work, with the cowboys being responsible for feeders, cameras, food plots, blinds, and all ranch maintenance.  For those looking for a weekend excursion Texas Hunt Club offers BBQs, pheasant hunts, dog training, project days, and dinners held across the ranches throughout the year.

There are four member levels, a Bronze Membership includes camping and access to lodging, dove hunting, summer hog and predator hunting, and year round fishing and access to all Bronze level ranches.  A Silver Membership offers all Bronze perks, along with duck, deer, birds, and exotic hunting, year-round game hunting, and Silver level ranches while a Gold Membership includes all available ranches and trophy deer hunting on Gold ranches.  The Presidential Membership offers a one-time fee for three years of access to the Gold Membership  followed by three years of half-price Gold Membership fees.

Texas Hunt Club offers landowners an easy way to increase the value of their land while giving back control of their land instead of having to lease land to multiple hunters, the Club makes land leasing a process the landowner need not worry about.  Texas Hunt Club helps landowners improve the health and quality of their land and game, while the Club Cowboys handle the maintenance of blinds, feeders, and food plots.

Harmony Tapper