#BigDNT February: Jack

With the introduction of Amazon Echo comes new territory for enhanced home living. Fernando Higuera looks to add to the experience with Jack, an artificial intelligence program dedicated to home maintenance.

“Jack takes care of everything that you can think of when it comes to your home repairs,” Higuera said at Dallas New Tech.

Using a chat based system similar to Facebook messaging or voice commands like Amazon Echo, users can communicate with Jack and schedule appointments for home repairs. The more home owners’ work with Jack, the quicker Jack learns and predicts what needs to be done around the house before a command is issued. The program will also help customers search for items such as light bulbs and keep track of things that need to be replaced. At the end of his talk, Higuera invited others to join his company’s beta program. To learn more about Jack and how the A.I. can help around the house, check out Higuera’s talk.


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