#BigDNT February: InsuredMine

Raution Jaiswal is the founder of an all-in-one insurance tracking program called InsuredMine.

“We have multiple insurances,” Jaiswal said during his talk at Dallas New Tech.

He provided a scenario that is all too typical for today’s world, missing bill payments for insurance. InsuredMine looks to place all a user’s insurance information under one roof for easier tracking.

Jaiswal identified three critical problems for his clients:

  1. Multiple insurance providers (health, car, house, ect.)
  2. Missing payments
  3. Too many websites to manage.

InsuredMine will be a cloud-base software that places a customer’s information under one umbrella. The program keeps track of bill cycles and sends reminders, so payment is never missed. Jaiswal stated several goals for InsuredMine once launched, such as helping customers find cheaper insurance by using analytics from the overall client base in an area. Jaiswal plans to do a closed beta for InsuredMine on February 25th and launch the full version on May 1st. Check out Jaiswal talk here for more on InsuredMine here.

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