#BigDNT February: Bubbl

Lyft and Uber have carved out a new market in the on-demand space with cost-effective ride share apps. To take advantage of this new space, startup companies look for ways to provide unique services. At Dallas New Tech talk, Craig Miller, former Dallas Deputy Chief of Police and Co-founder, introduced Bubbl, a ride share app that employs off duty and retired police officers.

“Nothing gives us more instant credibility than being police officers in those cars,” Miller points out.

“We want to provide a white-glove service to a small area,” Miller says during his presentation.

The company operates in a 4 mile radius of their setup point within a community. The app’s demographic is mostly families and senior citizens over the age of 60. Miller stressed that the company offers a flat rate for their services, which is different from most ride share programs. The company provides their drivers with cars equipped with GPS tracking and cameras. The GPS tracking allows parents to monitor their child’s trip with Bubbl. Miller’s team promises safe and reliable service for their clients. To learn more about Bubbl, and its unique ride share program, check out their website at Bubbl-dallas.com, or watch the Dallas New Tech talk here.


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