Why quit your day job? To make Gentleman Ninja, of course!

You hear it from time to time: “I just want to quit my day job and make games.” This is usually ill advised, unless there’s a trust fund to bank roll the project. But, maybe you’re going to make quick work of the project because you have loads of experience doing exactly this for “other people.”

That’s exactly what Scott Moakes did… it was time to stop building things for other people, and that it was time to do something on his own. He quit his job in October of 2017, and began work on the next thing in November. Moakes created a concept, then called on his best friend (and cofounder/artist) Beattie to help.

The next thing is called Gentleman Ninja, released in today for iOS and Android.

Being a founder takes an incredible amount of confidence, and if you’re doing it right, support from your family. Says his wife Meagan “He told me he wanted to quit his job and go out on his own. I told him to totally go for it. It’s the best time to, I mean we have no kids and don’t own a house. Why not?”

Congrats on the release Scott and Beattie. We’re hoping this is the first of many!

From iTunes:

Meet Gentleman Ninja, the most polite assassin to grace the iPhone and iPad.

Hit the right color at the right time to apologize through a mouth full of Earl Grey as you obliterate enemies and demolish obstructions in this high speed, endless Ninja action game.

Give challenges a jolly good seeing to and unlock new Ninjas before going on to prove yourself as the most spiffing adversary on the global leaderboards.

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