Looking for interns? UTD has an intern fair just for you!

A great startup community requires a symbiotic relationship between every moving part. One of the most important resources we have are the 40 colleges and universities in the area.

UTD is hosting the Student Startup Internship Fair in April to help local companies find great students to help build businesses. This has a number of wonderful benefits including getting local students involved in local companies, and giving them a reason to stay in the are once they graduate.

If you have room, consider making this a priority. It’s good for the whole ecosystem. More information at Student Startup Internship Fair site.

From the broadcast:

UTD’s Student Startup Internship Fair features local startup companies looking for interns to fill various positions to help their startup grow. Current UTD undergraduate and graduate students of all majors will be in attendance.

This year’s event will be held on Monday, April 17th from 7-9pm at UTD’s campus.
The Student Startup Internship Fair exposes students to the world of entrepreneurship and the Dallas startup scene through a possible internship opportunity with one of the attending startup companies. In turn, students may one day work for a local startup or create a venture of their own that will add to the economic prosperity of the Dallas business community.

Any NTX startup company with both full and part-time intern positions are encouraged to apply. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive status of your applications. Space is limited to 25 startup companies. All paid positions must be W-2 employees. Unpaid positions must be 15 hrs/week or less and must clearly state the goals and objectives of the internship. UTD does not aid in the hiring process and is not responsible for the internship experience of the company and student.

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