Kubos 1.0 Alpha is released

Imagine working on something with all of your heart, sometimes for years. Painstaking work it is, and the only people that ever see what you’re working on are your team members and investors if you have them. Well, maybe a few customers along the way too to keep things honest (if you’re doing it the right way).

Then the time comes. It’s a magical moment. The last few lines are typed. The room grows silent… the anticipation is palpable. Sweat drops… oh, never mind. It’s not like that at all. The first alpha release of your prized software is more like having a baby (so I hear). It’s time. To. Get it out. You can always tweak it, but this? This is “done.”

Denton’s Kubos has realized just that dream. According to a post on Medium:

“We’ve been working on this release for a while, and frankly we’re pretty excited about it. Kubos 1.0 marches towards completion and with today’s release we’ve moved the needle on multiple fronts.” Dave Sims, CTO @ Kubos

Congrats to the team for releasing Kubos 1.0 Alpha! It’s nowhere but up from here.

Sorry, I had to.

More on Kubos.

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