Ignite DFW 6: The Value of a Degree Today

Boddy Thakkar is one of the youngest speakers at the latest Ignite DFW talks. At only 17 years old, Thakkar identifies as an entrepreneur who has worked with many startup companies. He has put on events from Zimbabwe to Korea, and has a background in programming, design, and business.

In his talk, Thakkar criticizes the education system, which hasn’t changed in over hundred and fifty years. It is designed to create factory workers instead of innovators.

“Instead of getting A’s in school, I want to spend my time doing something useful,” Thakker says.

The modern world is much different and more people are creating innovative solutions to problems.

“My generation is 25% of the population, but we are 100% of the future,” Thakker points out.

He stresses the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit and encourages kids his age to break away from the traditional system. He says to start with small ideas and then grow to bigger ideas, but it is never too late to become an entrepreneur.

Check out Thakker’s talk here.

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