Ignite DFW 6: Evolution of Education

At Ignite DFW, Audra Marie Stanley tells her story about teaching in Uzbekistan, and unintentionally flipping off her students through a mistaken gesture. Her experience teaching English in Uzbekistan ignited her passion for teaching. During her 14 year career she noticed something about her students.

“It is not the people that are different,” explained Stanley.  “It is about the level of opportunity in which they have.”

In her quest to bring equality to the learning space, Stanley joined AVID, Achievement Via Individual Determination, a program created to embolden students to reach their max potential.

Stanley shares the stories of her students and her work to give them a strong voice. She says that several of her students send messages of how she has inspired them to reach bigger goals than before. She encourages the audience to do two things:

  • Learn something new, “it’s good to have some humility and remember that things are hard,” she says.
  • Teach someone something, “because you never know what it’s going to bring back to you,” she finishes.

To see her talk click the link here.


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