Ignite DFW 6: Why It’s Okay to Hate Your Day Job

After graduating college, Caitlin Studley found a job as a claims adjuster. It was a far cry from several of her passions such as language and political science. She said that the job fulfilled one of her interests, which was helping people, and met all of her needs for paying bills. Then one day, after several one-hundred hour work weeks and no increase in pay, she uttered the words many do today, I hate my job.

“It’s okay to hate your job,” Studley says in her Ignite DFW talk. “It teaches you things about yourself.”

The difficulty is finding ways to do something about being unhappy with your job. Studley said there were two types of people, the type that would actively do something about their unhappiness, and the type that would not. She cited several reasons for why people didn’t take steps to move forward and improve their situation, the biggest being the fear of the unknown.

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” Studley quotes.

She stresses the importance of doing something to improve a person’s work situation by taking steps through self-reflection, which would lead to a better mindset. Understanding what makes a person on happy with their current work gives them a direction to move in. At the end of her talk, she reiterates that it’s okay to hate a job, but that people should try to do something about it sooner rather than later. To check out Caitlin Studley talk, click here.

Rebeca Easton