Ignite DFW 6: Crowdus: A Living Prototype

Jessica Burnham is a design researcher and part of the Deep Ellum Foundation. Her focus has been to create spaces for physical interactions that promote strong community ties between business and neighborhoods. This goal is what led her to Crowdus Reimagine, a project dedicated to creating a pedestrian street in the heart of Deep Ellum.

In her talk at Ignite DFW, Burnham goes through the process of creating an area for the public. It started with Design Future Dallas, an organization that brings together creatives to explore visions of a city’s future. The group put together a contest to redesign part of Deep Ellum. At the end of the contest, Design Future Dallas approached the Foundation with the idea to turn the street Crowdus, which runs through Deep Ellum, into a prototype pedestrian street. Burnham said part of the success comes from getting comfortable with uncomfortable.

“That place were being uncomfortable is where passion is ignited, is where innovation is sparked, and when large steps forward are taken,” Burnham tells the room.

Since the success of the project, Deep Ellum Foundation is taking steps to make the prototype pedestrian street a reality. The foundation is working to receive grants from Southwest Airlines, and the Deep Ellum city to transform Crowdus Street into a social hot-spot. To learn more about Crowdus check out the talk here.

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