Ignite DFW 6: Bad User Experience is Never Created with Malice


Scott Kincaid opens his Ignite DFW talk on bad user experience with a story about a Swedish couple’s visit through Texas and the sign on Texas highways that read, Don’t mess with Texas.

“Pause for a second,” Kincaid asked the room. “How do you see through her eyes? What does she see?”

The slogan known to most Texans is meant to showcase state pride, but is that what the foreign couple saw? Kincaid tells the audiences that the couple saw it as a warning and not the catchy anti-litter slogan as it was intended.

“Bad user experience is never made with malice,” Kincaid continues his talk on design and user interface.

A user experience begins with a user interface. If a user interface is easy to understand then the end-user will have an enjoyable experience. If the user interface is complicated or not clearly laid out, then the customer will be frustrated. Kincaid encourages developers and designers to listen to their clients and build based on the feedback they receive. A company is more successful when they listen to their customers and make sure that the end product is always what the client wants.

Check out the whole talk here.

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