Ignite DFW 6: Ethical Eating


At Ignite DFW 6, Steve, who is vegan, gave a talk on ethical eating and the effects that meat diets have on the ecosystem.  He argued that a plant-based diet isn’t only sustainable for the human body, but also economical with the potential to eliminate world hunger. He asked the audience how they would design a food system with the least amount of resources, with the least amount of pollution to air and water, but with a goal to feed as many people as possible.

“As an engineer, it could be arguable that they would try to look at unnecessary steps in that process and try eliminating those steps,” Steven said.

He gave an example of how livestock is outdated and an unnecessary step for feeding the world population. The calories wasted on feeding livestock with available crops could instead be put into the new food system. A vegan diet, he argues, is a win-win for all, and shows compassion to animals and the environment, which is rare in today’s society.

He ends his talk on a dare for the audience, “try tilting the needle towards a more plant-based diet.”

Check out Steve’s talk here and learn more about the benefits a vegan diet in today’s world.

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