UTD partners with Booster Fuels

Over the last few years ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have become more popular and created an entirely new industry for entrepreneurs to break new ground. One such service is an on-demand gas delivery company called Booster Fuels. Founded in 2014, Booster Fuels has made several headlines as the company challenges the traditional pump-station by providing affordable gas delivered right to a customer’s car. Similar to Uber, customers download Booster Fuels app to their mobile device and place an order for a driver to gas up their ride while they’re at work. The service helps eliminate the hassle of finding a cheap gas-station, and frees up customers’ time for more important life events.

Realizing the benefits a service like this offers, several companies and college campuses across North Texas have partnered with Booster Fuels. The University of Texas at Dallas has recently joined in hopes of adding more convenience to the students and staff.

“Through this partnership with The University of Texas at Dallas, we’re able to bring our convenient on-demand gas delivery to the faculty, staff, and students so that they don’t have to worry about stopping at the gas station when they would rather study for midterms or just get back home to their families,” said Frank Mycroft, CEO of Booster Fuels, in a recent press release.

The service offers convenient hours of operation that ensure the safety of both the Booster Fuels drivers and customers. For UTD in particular, Booster Fuels provides a new one-hour rush service to their standard five and three-hour delivery window. Deliveries will also be available up to 9 p.m. to accommodate those taking night classes.

“We’re very proud of the success that Booster Fuels has experienced in North Texas, and we hope to continue expanding our service to more companies in the region,” Mycroft continued.

It looks like the company is well on their way to meeting their next goal, as they have also announced partnering with Pepsi, Frito-Lay, and Huawei. Booster Fuels has also expanded their services into Silicon Valley, and Seattle with more businesses lining up to take advantage of Booster Fuels innovative service.

Rebeca Easton