#BigDNT January: Spacee

At January’s Dallas New Tech pitch, Skip Howard, founder of Spacee, began his talk by stating, “This isn’t going to be your typical pitch deck. All our clients are telling us to work on amazing things and all our really cool stuff is under NDA.” Despite the mysteries surrounding his company’s current projects, Howard revealed the technology that caught industry giants, like Panasonic and Intel’s, attention.

Spacee is a spatial augmented reality experience that doesn’t require special glasses or helmets. First revealed on the project Touch Car, Spacee uses projection mapping overlays to create an interactive display. Howard emphasis that Spacee relies entirely on a light projection which makes it easy to design assets for and set up at any venue. Their website, spacee.co, gives more examples on how Spacee’s overlay can be used to create unique and exciting displays.

“Our problem is that the sky’s the limit,” Howard said when discussing how his company works with clients who want to use their technology in different ways. Once Spacee has a framework setup, it can be modified to meet any customer’s request. Skip Howard’s versatile company, Spacee, is leading the way for a new form of augmented reality.


Check out Howard’s pitch below.

Rebeca Easton