How to interact with a Dallas based VC

Many of you have written asking for advice on how to “pitch a VC.” My answer, generally, is don’t. Bootstrap your business, make sales, increase revenue, and build a company worth investing in. If you do that, when the time is right, they’ll find you.

There is a lot of work to do before that though. They have to know who you are, and they have to be comfortable with your personal code of conduct and your ability to get shit done. Seldom does a VC invest in the idea. They invest in you.

Engage with this species as you would anyone else in the community. Get to know them, treat them with equality, and never fall for the prizing that is common in the found/VC/angel relationship. No one has time for it, and if a VC treats you poorly in a pitch or publicly, run. Then be thankful they demonstrated this behavior it in the pitch, and not a board meeting with your other investors.

Three things are important in Stephen’s post “Brevity When First Pitching VCs.”

1) Stephen is a Dallas based investor, and he’s telling you exactly how to interact with him. Listen, read, and learn.

2) He’s giving you this perspective based on his first year of experience running a VC fund. What he’s doing is revealing that he too is essentially a startup with a year under his belt. It’s a well funded startup we hope, but it’s still a startup. And, he’s learning.

3) Brevity is incredibly important, especially today. In small chunks, a story is told across time. Forget the hour long pitch, do it over a couple of months.

Power forward, continue learning, and build something amazing.

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