#BigDNT January: BrokenBox

When a group of friends decides to get lunch together, the inevitable debate of “where to eat,” happens. Everyone has a preference that makes it difficult to agree on a location to eat. BrokenBox, designed by Josh Stramiello, aims to make group lunches, “more about food and less about fights.”

“When you log on, we ask you questions about what type of foods you like, what type of foods you don’t like, and if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies,”Stramiello explains at Dallas New Tech. “We then save that information in our systems,”

BrokenBox will then filter out the options that don’t fit the user’s profile which reduces the number of restaurants to pick. BrokenBox program will also include the preferences of each member to ensure that the entire group is happy with their dining decision.

The magic behind BrokenBox is an intelligence gathering algorithm that pairs the best restaurants with customers’ taste. The algorithm, which Stramiello calls Tetris, works on a close system that is built to help and protect small businesses by creating better visibility to reach new clients. Restaurants that use BrokenBox as part of their marketing will have profiles that they can customize to draw more business. Getbrokenbox.com is a website, soon to be a mobile app, design to create communities, strengthen friendships, and promote local diners.
Be sure to check out Stramiello’s pitch below.

Rebeca Easton