Gossamer’s acquisition by Tekzenit offers a new world of opportunity

Yesterday, Chris Hsiao announced that Gossamer, a consumer product design and engineering firm, is being acquired to Tekzenit, a world-class design, software development, and IT firm.  Irving-based Gossamer, has previously worked with Dallas-based Tekzenit making this new partnership time-tested and beneficial for both organizations.

Gossamer was formed a little over a year ago with the idea that it is possible to create consumer products better than anyone else, and with a technical background from the aerospace industry the team has the knowledge to do so.  In the aerospace industry it is important to consider cost, weight, strength, and environmental impact when designing. Hsiao wanted to challenge the bureaucracy that slowed down innovation.

The result was Gossamer, a company born out of the self-actualization of the challenges of the aerospace industry. Gossamer is now joining Tekzenit, a company that is led with a similar vision of pushing the boundaries of what engineering can do.  The team at Tekzenit boasts an impressive client list, including AT&T, Airtel, Bosch, Capital One, and Ericsson. All without a dedicated sales team, instead relying on top talent and employees that build relationships with all clients, big and small.

Tekzenit, led by founder and CEO Sriman Chennareddy, has three offices, with a team in Dallas, Braga, Portugal, and Hyderabad, India allowing the company to work with a wide range of clients around the world.  With a management team that sees eye to eye with Hsiao’s management team at Gossamer, moving towards a new integrative collaboration makes sense.

With the acquisition by Tekzenit of Gossamer, Gossamer has access to the extensive client list of Tekzenit, and will be able to offer top-tier hardware engineering solutions making the company a more complete, turn-key solution for startup clients.  While Tekzenit is acquiring Gossamer, the team will still operate under the Gossamer branding, and will continue their work with innovative companies.

What will change is that Gossamer will move into the state of the art facilities that Tekzenit operates from, increasing access to their creative, user experience, research, and development teams.   Gossamer will still be working with hardware startups, but with a bigger team behind Hsiao, offering bigger and better opportunities for 2017.

Harmony Tapper