Blue Star Sports acquires CaptainU, growing Jerry Jone’s Blue Star portfolio

Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys franchise, partnered with Rob Wechsler to create Blue Star Sports nine months ago, and has acquired their eighth company in just these nine months.  Along with Blue Star Sports, Jones and Wechsler have founded Blue Star Accelerator in order to support startups in the sports, media, and entertainment industries.

Blue Star Sports and Blue Star Accelerator are both housed at The Star, the world-class headquarters of the Cowboy’s NFL organization in Frisco. The accelerator has the names and experience behind it to help foster growth and development. Meanwhile Blue Star Sports has the focus and expertise of Wechsler driving it to explosive growth and leading in the field of sports management.

With Blue Star Accelerator having recently been announced, they are accepting applications through mid-January.  The startups will be hand selected by Jones, Wechsler, and the management team.  With excitement of Blue Star Accelerator growing, it is not surprising that Blue Star Sports is also experiencing a growth spurt as well.

Shawn Shinneman of the Dallas Business Journal, reports on the eighth acquisition by Blue Star Sports in nine months adding CaptainU to its impressive list of acquisitions.  CaptainU empowers high school athletes and college coaches to create and build college sports teams and allows high school students to take control of their college sports future.

More than one million high school athletes have used CaptainU to promote themselves to the more than 5,000 college coaches that utilize the platform.  CaptainU has some 2,000 event directors, and 100,000 teams having a major impact on the lives of high school athletes across the country. Helping them improve and strive for their dreams of playing their sport in college.

This athletic development and recruitment platform was born out of the University of Chicago. With the acquisition by Blue Star Sports, it is added to an impressive line up including LeagueLineup, sdicamps, Bonzi Team, Pointstreak, and GoalLine.  Blue Star Sports offers back office management and communication solutions, performance and team management, team and league communication, registration and payment solutions, and a web and app builder, along with sports software.

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