Linux Academy’s newly launched free Community Edition

Linux Academy, a Fort Worth-based company, just launched a Community Edition that will now be available for free. Previously, only members were allowed to access the online training academy. Now, those that sign up can access all the features in order to get certified and ultimately hired. By joining thousands of others who have already passed the academy, users will be able to communicate, collaborate, and learn from some of the top Linux and cloud experts.

Linux Academy caters to IT business professionals that are anywhere from beginners to experts. Their self-paced courses are geared toward both certification training and skills development, lending server labs and instructors to progress in their coursework. The Academy’s training includes Linux, AWS, OpenStack, DevOps, Azure, and Big Data, ensuring that users will be able to face the challenges of the newest technologies.

“Linux Academy is dedicated to helping change the lives of others through education and training,” said Anthony James, CEO, Linux Academy. “We decided to make our community open to everyone because we want to reduce the barrier to learning and be a one-stop solution for everything a person might need to train on open source and cloud technologies.”

Some of the features included in the Community Edition include access to:

  • Select Linux Academy courses, such as: Serverless Concepts, Puppet Quick Star, DevOps Essentials, OpenStack Essentials, Docker Quick Start, Git Quick Start, and Live Labs
  • In-depth How To Guides on a wide range of topics
  • User study groups
  • Creating a robust user profile including display of completed certifications
  • Viewing student created or create your own notecard decks

The core value of Linux Academy is to train IT professionals and provide them with tools for success. As users learn in real-world training environments, experts are there to guide them through over 2,500 videos and hundreds of hours of course material. These courses are developed to go beyond a student simply being certified, and instead to prepare them for success in Linux and cloud careers.

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Sophie Hatch