How Skyrise is building office communities

If you’ve ever worked in an office building, you’ve probably noticed and felt the separation between your company and other companies. Office buildings can house anywhere from a few dozen to thousands of employees. But how many of us have worked in office buildings and known other companies working there, let alone their employees?

Sharing ideas and solutions with other companies is an efficient means to solve issues and hand out advice, but how do we accomplish that when it feels like there is (sometimes literally) a wall between us and them? Endeavor Real Estate wanted to solve this lack of communication without interrupting work, and created the app called Skyrise to enable office buildings to build their own communities.

Skyrise was founded in 2015 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Their app is designed to build a direct link between building administrators and building’s tenants. Communication is opened through private messages, thus removing walls and creating a more transparent space in the office building.

Some of the features of the Skyrise app include:

  • Broadcast notifications that can be sent to every person in the building
  • A digital bulletin board for tenants to view news or connect with other tenants
  • Tenants can book on-site amenities such as a yoga class or a ride to the airport
  • Bookings by tenants can be easily tracked
  • New amenities can be added easily – without the cost or loss of space
  • Add community-wide events on-site or off, and everyone knows about them!

The Skyrise company also launched their companion app called Aldea, which is an apartment community building app that operates similarly to Skyrise. Their resident engagement platform includes features such as broadcast messages to residents, notice of off or on-site events, and a resident bulletin board. Residents can also get deals and pay their rent using the app.

Now, whether you’re living in an apartment or working in an office building, you’ll be able to get to know other residents and/or employees, and stay up-to-date with building news!

To learn more about Skyrise and stay up-to-date with any news, checkout their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

Sophie Hatch