#BigDNT December: RideConnect

RideConnect is a downloadable app for Android and iOS devices that professional drivers, students, universities, events, and others can use as their ride-sharing platform. Santosh Krishnan is the founder and CEO of RideConnect, and presented at Dallas New Tech this past week.

Krishnan explained that the problem with current transport companies such as Uber and Lift is that there is a middle man – so there’s no direct relationship from driver to customer.

On the driver’s side, they don’t have repeat business and cannot control their revenue potential. On the rider’s side, they cannot chose drivers, call them directly, negotiate rates, and keep their information private.

RideConnect’s solution is simple – removing the middle man and facilitating a space where both riders and drivers can connect with one another. Thus, drivers can offer direct transport services, and riders can choose from a list of drivers with background checks.

Both parties can create and/or communities for transportation needs within the app, enabling greater safety while traveling.

RideConnect’s app costs $0.99 to download, then drivers can give 10 rides a month for free. After this allotment, they pay for a subscription, which includes billing systems, customer service, and a video archive of the transport for liability.

As for payment – each side can negotiate a rate, then riders can pay within the app or pay the driver directly.

To learn more about RideConnect, they have Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit pages to checkout.

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