#BigDNT December: ReferLocals

ReferLocals is attempting to breach the gap between local businesses and their customers. The new Dallas start-up, founded by Mahesh Kashyap, has recently launched their iOS app and website for both the online consumer and business professional. Marketed as an easy to use platform, ReferLocals allows business to keep in contact with their customer base, create networking opportunities, and manage their referrals. At the same time, clients can refer professionals to their friends and family, or keep up with the business for continued work such as personal trainers.

“Back in February, I was trying to find a professional handyman to fix some issues at my house,” Kashyap said at Dallas New Tech while presenting his business plan.  “After a while of searching and being confused, my neighbor recommended someone who I hired. I realized then how powerful recommendations and referrals are.”

Referlocal is currently a free app for professionals and businesses searching for a new way to create and maintain a healthy client relationship. Some of the current features allow users to send estimates for jobs, create appointments with customers and offer referrals for other professionals, which also helps to build a better business network. Kashyap promises to integrate several new features that will enhance the business and client rapport in the coming year. One feature Kashyap mentioned was automating the way businesses’ stay in touch with their current clients by partnering with local print companies that will send holiday cards and more.

While the website and app are still in there early phases of implantation, ReferLocals is well on its way to creating an intuitive platform for businesses and clients alike. As Kashyap said, “ReferLocals is about connecting you with local professionals who are referred by your friends, neighbors and people living close to you.”

Check out Mahesh Kashyap’s pitch below for more about ReferLocal, and their website ReferLocals.com.

Rebeca Easton