Threadhabits: Peer to peer fashion

As online retailers continue to pop-up across the internet, so does competition. Recently launched Threadhabits looks to join the fray by creating an affordable peer-to-peer fashion marketplace where anyone can sell their unused clothes or their designer clothing. Currently, in beta, Threadhabits offers men’s fashion and hopes to add women’s wares in 2017.

“I think it’s something that will benefit a lot of people looking for hard to find designer items, affordable clothing, and will help those trying to make a return on unworn items that have been sitting in their closet,” Quinn McNamara, founder and CEO of Threadhabits, said during the site’s launch.

Part of Threadhabits’ platform is an active community of both buyers and sellers. During the site’s beta, users are encouraged to reach out to the developers to offer suggestions on how to improve the online retail experience of Threadhabits. Threadhabits also places emphasis on buyer and seller relationships by ensuring the authenticity of items sold on their platform. Their established marketplace rules are clearly laid out and promise swift action if breached. They also offer advice to their sellers for creating the best listing that will attract buyers.

To be competitive with other online retailers, Threadhabits presently takes zero commission from their sellers. This may change with business needs, but Threadhabits seeks to create the most affordable selling platform available on the internet.

“This isn’t a new idea by any means, but I see a massive amount of potential in the marketplace industry – especially for clothing – and I believe it can be done significantly better,” McNamara said.

To learn more about Threadhabits or offer a suggestion to improve the online retail experience visit their site at

Rebeca Easton