#BigDNT December: Primal Sensors

At Dallas New Tech, Jerry King presented on the company he founded called Primal Sensors. Primal Sensors is a construction operations platform that provides clients with the current location of their job site resources.

The idea of a proactive location awareness platform came to King when he was running a 15 mile mud run. When he and his team got separated, his first thoughts were – where were his friends, and how could he find them after the race?

So he founded Primal Sensors, and created a platform where users could view a map indicating the location of users at recreational and amusement areas. Unable to grow in this particular market, construction companies were interested Primal Sensors’ platform to maintain safety standards and know where their multi-million dollar equipment was.

In this market, King discovered that there is $750 billion, or 10% in profit, lost due to misplaced resources. Not lost or stolen, simply misplaced.

Once they had changed markets, Primal Sensors’ main focus became location awareness of thousands of assets over large area sites. This included eliminating loss of assets, cutting time to locate resources, and creating sustainable efficiency.

Their platform has been developed to include long-range radio frequency, autonomous location updates, and be searchable. Now, clients can locate their resources, confirm material locations, manage teams, and have accountability for employees attendance and safety.

Sophie Hatch