#BigDNT December: Ammo Subscription

At Dallas New Tech this week, Tanner Maxon, founder of Ammo Subscription, spoke about his company, his inspiration for the business, and the background that led him to create this business.  Ammo Subscription, launching this week, is a Dallas-based subscription service ensuring gun owners can responsibly purchase ammo while supporting a veteran-owned business.

Maxon, a US Air Force Veteran, is an avid shooter, who embraces the legacy he learned while in the Air Force–learn your job, do it well, teach it to someone else, and learn something new.  Maxon identified what he saw as a problem, because of politics, people, including himself, were worried that his favorite ammunition would be pulled from the shelves.  So he sought a way to fix it.

Ammunition was hard to find, and over-priced and people were afraid they were going to lose their hobby and the ability to defend themselves.  Recognizing that there is a 40% gap between what customers want, and what they are provided, Maxon created a plan to create his own ammunition.

The business model Maxon created was inspired by his wife.  Maxon and his wife were in the kitchen together, and he was lamenting the problem of the ammunition, and his wife was changing the filter to the water in the fridge; and Maxon was dumbfounded that she was able to raise the family, care for everyone, and still have time to get a fresh water filter.  To which she replied, thus changing the direction of Maxon’s future business, she had bought the water filter a few years earlier, as part of a subscription service, and they get mailed to the house every six months.

Maxon wished that he had ammo sent to him, resulting in a stock pile that would have ensured he had a supply, and the business model was born.  In looking to see if there was a market for such a subscription service, Maxon started on Facebook, where there were quickly 17,000 fans.

With more than 10,000 people on the early launch website, Maxon then had to turn this business prospect into a reality.  Maxon is buying in massive quantities, getting discounts that are then passed directly to customers, keeping prices low, and stock high.  And serving customers in a way they may not be accustomed to.

In offering subscription services there are many options available; not everyone will need or use the same ammo every month, and the business is designed to accommodate the customer and their buying habits.  Each item can have it’s own subscription service, bending to the will of the customers, and not forcing the customer to bend to the will of the business.

Check out his pitch below.

Harmony Tapper