Blake Harris unveils Advertising Agency, allowing anyone to run their own virtual ad agency

Local developer, Blake Harris, has introduced an app that allows anyone to run their own ad agency from the convenience of their phone.  The game, Advertising Agency, is a fun simulation game that creates the experience of being an ad exec-without any of the real-life drama. It is currently available for the iPad, iPhone, and now can be played through iMessages.

The premise of the game is simple.  You are in charge of an ad agency, and you have to keep it running smoothly.  The player has to get projects by wooing clients with an accounts team they have to select.  Through the progression of the game, projects get more challenging and real world problems begin to occur.

Before you can start signing clients, the player needs to hire a team, with employees from the art, research, technology, broadcast, and accounts department making up the company.  When enough employees have been hired, your first pitch arrives, but this is only the first experience in employee management.

There is the danger of having employees being overworked, and once sweatshop conditions are introduced, workers will begin to resign so the player has to balance their desire for making a profit with the needs of their employees.  Exactly like in real life.

Along with signing clients and hiring new employees, the player can fill their office with technology and other conveniences that make play easier, while it is possible to placate employees with coffee, donuts, and other office conveniences that might be found in a real agency.  And, which are a great way to keep your employees happy and working.

The game itself is easy to play, with a simple, clean design although it could offer more of a tutorial. It offers twists and turns throughout, forcing the player to consider time management or risk running out of money and being evicted from the office.

In a morning of play, this writer needed a few tries to get past 100 open days, but the game is quick to redeem itself, and offers an overall enjoyable play experience.  The only thing missing from this app is a tutorial, to help the new player get acquainted with the controls.

Harmony Tapper