SevenTablets: tapping into mobile

SevenTablets is a mobile development and marketing firm that set its sight on making apps for businesses that will help boost revenue and reduce costs. In this global economy, companies often look for the best way to reach the consumer market and engage with their current customers. Social media has created an avenue for customer relations that weren’t there a decade ago. Now mobile apps can take it a step further by targeting the smartphone, with iOS and Android apps.

SevenTablets, founded by Kishore Khandavalli, was created to help businesses tap into the growing mobile market and put together a team, not just about app development and design but also with marketing strategies that’ll help boost companies’ revenue by looking at data analytics. Big Data allows businesses to plan the best way to reach and grow their customer base. SevenTablets has two offices, one located in Dallas and another strategic office in Austin, that work hand in hand to create the best mobile platforms possible for the growing technological world.

SevenTablets isn’t keeping all the success to themselves either. They have recently launched their Catalyst Program to share their secrets with Startups.

“As a Dallas start-up ourselves, we are happy to now offer a program that is tailored especially for the brightest minds in our community,” Adam Rizzieri, Director of Digital Marketing, said. “We are working to meet with many of the local accelerators and incubators.”

To find out more about SevenTablets check out their website at

Rebeca Easton