#BigDNT November: Workplace Arcade

Early last month, David Cherrie, cofounder at Workplace Arcade, stopped in to Dallas New Tech to talk about his company and why he is working to change how people think about employee engagement.  Workplace Arcade guarantees retailers an uptick in sales, in an attempt to change how retail clerks are perceived, and behave.

According to Cherrie, 70% of sales people are not engaged, and this has a direct effect on the overall customer experience; and in the hyper-competitive retail market, one bad sales experience can have a detrimental effect. When retail employees are not engaged, their customers also are affected.

Cherrie recognized that no employee wants to suck at their job; and Workplace Arcade works to create an atmosphere where employees feel engaged, part of their community, and part of their team.  And the result is, the retail sales people go on to sell more, benefiting their company.

Workplace Arcade helps employees see their sales targets, they earn points when they make sales, and then compete against their coworkers, not just at their location, but throughout the entire chain.  Employees receive instant feedback on a store-wide feed when they do something exceptional, ensuring recognition for their hard work, and with the gamification of the workplace, they are once again engaged and excited to be working, having a positive effect on profitability.


Check out his pitch below.

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