#BigDNT November: HealPal

Dr. Sunit Sebastian took to the Dallas New Tech stage to talk about HealPal, created in order to empower cancer patients in a way never before possible.  Dr. Sebastian is a cancer radiologist, and has experience in the clinical, educational, and research domains and realized that when a patient is diagnosed, the patient and their caretakers are provided an incredible volume of information but none of the medical background to make sense of it.

HealPal is intended to correct that imbalance, offering patients and their loved ones useful and current information about their specific cancer.  The app offers simplified content that can help the cancer patient make the best decision for themselves, in terms of treatment and lifestyle.

HealPal also solves a second problem that Dr. Sebastian also recognized; the isolation that cancer patients often feel while fighting the disease.  Through a carefully written algorithm and the collection of more than 60 data points, HealPal connects a newly diagnosed patient with a patient who is more experienced, offering a chance to share knowledge, tips and tricks, information on doctors, and treatment options and experiences.

Check out his pitch below.

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