Dallas’ Take Command Health Brings Sanity to Choosing a Plan

Health insurance is a perplexing topic—but if you’re on a company plan, many of the biggest headaches are avoidable. For the rest of us – entrepreneurs, consultants, independent contractors, change agents, retirees and anyone who suspects they’re overpaying – it can be an overwhelming, confusing, highly frustrating web to tackle.

This isn’t just our opinion, either: a handful of studies actually prove that consumers choose the wrong health plan up to 88% of the time, which can cost up to $500 a year in unnecessary health expenses. If you add these numbers up, Americans waste about $75 BILLION a year as the result of poor plan selection!

This is where Dallas based Take Command Health comes in: to empower individuals to be savvy health insurance consumers and save money.

Behind a seemingly straightforward interface is a powerful analytics platform built on proprietary data and research aimed to help you understand your options and quickly select the best plan for you. They provide more plan options than Healthcare.gov and help you search and compare plans in accordance to what matters most to you: doctor, prescription and/or care need.

The deadline for open enrollment is December 15th, so we encourage you to pay Take Command Health a visit this week. Their team of experts can answer your questions so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season without this hanging over your head.

And for an extra level of reassurance, Take Command Health has created a membership plan to cover you with benefits such as telemedicine services, medical bill negotiation, dental care, prescription discounts and more.

Get started today by visiting Take Command Health.

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