Melanin Origins: Afrocentric stories for the young

Melanin Origins, founded by Louie T. McClain The Second, is a new publishing company that seeks to become the largest Afrocentric book provider in the United States. Their mission is to provide educational material that will inspire children to embraces their heritage. To achieve their goals, the company has set up a few core values which they craft their stories around:

  • Educational Empowerment – encourages reading at a young age.
  • Promoting Strong Families – revive the tradition of family readings and discussion.
  • Cultural Confidence – Install a strong, pure, and healthy knowledge of self at a young age.

The new startup, located in Arlington, Texas, has currently published two titles:

Brick by Brick is a children book that tells the story of Booker T. Washington and many of his life accomplishments. Since its release on April 15, 2016, Brick by Brick has become the #1 new release on Amazon.

Power in My Pen tells the story of Ida B. Wells and her journey to become a journalist. The children book gives snippets of her many life obstacles and accomplishments.

“Our motto is channeling the greatness that lies within,” McClain stated.

Being a father of two children, McClain wanted to create narratives that will help empower new world leaders by telling the stories of lesser-known African-American pioneers and their accomplishments. He strives to provide an environment that will help aspiring leaders flourish, and has done some of this through volunteer work with troubled youths and creating scholarships for children in Liberia and West Africa. Melanin Origins is the next step to reaching a larger audience and encouraging more kids to chase their dreams.

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Rebeca Easton