Hail Storm wins entry into the Gauntlet after their win at Pitchocracy

Hail Storm Products has won entry into the 2017 Gauntlet Class of Tech Wildcatters along with six months of co-working space at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) in Dallas, following an outstanding performance at the 2016 Pitchocracy contest.  Sponsored by Comerica Bank, Tech Wildcatters, and the DEC, this is a great opportunity for Hail Storm to further develop and grow their product and leadership experience.

Pitchocracy is billed as “A Pitch Competition for Texas,” with competitors completing an application process before being judged by an impressive panel of judges and an online vote by the people. Of the ten finalists, five were invited to share their pitches to be judged, with the prize going to Hail Storm Products.

Hail Storm was founded in 2011 and offers the patented Hail Protector Automobile Hail Protection System that can substantially reduce the damage done to a car or truck from a hail storm.  The system is more than just a tangible product that protects your vehicle, it also includes an app that offers early warning hail alerts and hail forecasts that will ensure the user has enough time to engage the car protection system.

The company notes that hail damage is the cause of almost $1 billion worth of damage every year to cars.  The Hail Protection System is offered in six different sizes, ensuring that vehicles of all sizes can be protected, and has been thoughtfully designed to be packed up into a size that will fit within the vehicle it is meant to protect.  With a price point ranging from $349 to $449 it is less than most insurance deductibles that would need to be met when repairing a vehicle after a hail storm.

With Hail Storm’s win, they have now entered into Tech Wildcatter’s Gauntlet, a new gamified model of an accelerator.  The new model sees the elimination of the old accelerator model that would see startups offered a limited time frame for completion, instead setting benchmarks in the form of levels leading to an exit following the fifth and final level of development.

Hail Storm also receives six months of co-working space at the DEC, founded in 2013 to create a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  The space will allow Hail Storm to work among other entrepreneurs and business leaders, with opportunities for mentorship, education, and the support of an entire community hoping for their success.

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