FC Link offers free soccer management tools to coaches, managers, clubs, players, and parents

Soccer is well-loved around the world, and the team behind F.C. Link is looking to help managers and coaches work better by offering a free team management app designed specifically for the sport.  Designed by former players and coaches who are passionate about the game of soccer, FC Link is great for those coaching at any level of competition from local leagues to the majors.

The software allows coaches and team managers to communication with anyone associated with their team from the players, to their parents, to fans, and alumni of the team.  The app allows for easy scheduling of games, practices, and any other events on an easily accessible calendar and allows for the creation of a team roster in order to take attendance for games and practices.

For those coaching or managing multiple teams, FC Link is made for you. Bringing into a single platform scheduling, communication, and paperwork for all of their teams, FC Link is a must-have.  It is possible to have an unlimited number of teams, but the free version allows for a maximum of three. The app also allows for there to be the uploading of videos to YouTube and Vimeo, as well as photographs of the starting line-up for everyone to see.

While a free app, there are packages that are available for managers, coaches, and entire clubs that need to manage more than three teams.  The free version unsurprisingly includes ads, while the Pro version allows for the creation of up to ten teams for $15 per month, with no ads.  There is also a third option, a Custom plan, with a variable price that can be set up directly with FC Link to meet the specific needs of a club, coach, or manager.

As the game of soccer continues to grow in the United States, FC Link is making it easy for coaches, managers, and players to keep up to date with all necessary information such as schedules and line-ups.  Game highlights and messages are added bonuses. The platform can be utilized on mobile devices and desktop computers, making it easy to constantly be connected to the world’s greatest sport.

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