#BigDNT November: KnKtd

Matt Holland is the CEO and co-founder of KnKtd (pronounced connected) Behavioral Health. He presented at BigDNT and explained that there is a problem that most of us don’t ever talk about, but is increasing every year.

“88 million people in the United States struggle with mental health and addiction issues at the cost of almost $231 billion dollars a year,” Holland said. “That’s more than 1 in 4 in the population. Only two years ago, we were saying it was 1 in 5.”

Some examples of mental health issues described by the National Alliance on Mental Illness include ADHD, anxiety disorders, and depression. Addiction can include substance addiction or behavioral addictions.

As more clients are coming through clinic doors, KnKtd’s focus is simple: proving to each new client struggling with these issues, that they are their solution.

KnKtd’s platform was built by healthcare professionals that have seen the broken system and know how to fix it. So instead of working from the top down, they built from the bottom up. Their platform fills in vacant appointment slots, helps to meet the federal triple aim measures, and solves operational problems within the system.

KnKtd developed a patient engagement app, that clients can use after they’ve spoken with their physician. The app is module based, so clients can use the medication, treatment, and coping modules, to name a few. Throughout the day, the client will receive push notifications similar to Facebook or Twitter, which they will answer, and then will be sent back to the provider.

This concept benefits health professionals as they receive real-time patient data, an easy-to-use system that’s HIPAA compliant, EHR/EMR bridgeable, and increases their revenue. When they login, health professionals are able to see a color-coded graph that indicates which patients are struggling (in red) and which patients are doing well (in green).

Currently, KnKtd has over 600,000 registered clinicians, and 17,000+ programs in the United States. Holland emphasized that with the 1 in 4 people that struggle with mental health and addiction – it’s time to change the way healthcare is provided.


Check out Holland’s pitch below.

Sophie Hatch