Epic Orchestra

Epic Orchestra. Hopefully you have some hours to put aside today, because you have an orchestra to lead.

Epic Orchestra was developed by Nick Culbertson at NōD Coworking in North Dallas. The app is a swipe-based rhythm game, where you’re conducting an orchestra. As you work through the easy to beat and difficult songs, your orchestra performs music from legendary composers such as Grieg, Beethoven, Mozart, and more. If you’re not familiar with classic music – you’ll get to connect to it like never before.

A few of their included songs in the free download include: Gymnopédie no.1 by Erik Satie, Puck by Edvard Grieg, and Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin.

“I created ‘Epic Orchestra’ to combine my two passions: music and retro games,” Culbertson stated.  “Playing to the rhythm of the music will immerse you into classical music like never before. The art style takes inspiration from late-80’s console games, while the game play strives to be easy to play, hard to master.”

To play, just simply swipe your pixel baton left, right, up, and down based on the arrows that are coming down, as if you were really conducting an orchestra. Their preview video show how easy – and addictive – this app is to play.

Moby Pixel tweeted that Epic Orchestra already has 250K+ installs and currently has a 4 out of 5 star rating from 55 reviews since it’s launch in late October.

“We gave it a Silver Award at review, and said: ‘It might seem like a bizarre mix, but Epic Orchestra‘s classical rhythm action is an absolute delight to behold’,” PoketGamer said when they reviewed the app.

Some of Epic Orchestra’s features include:
– Swipe based rhythmic controls
– 27 Game Center Achievements
– Variable difficulty (easy, normal, hard)
– Full classical music score
– Universal purchase available for iPhone, iPad, iPod & Apple TV

What are you waiting for? It’s free to download, so go ahead and get to conducting!

Sophie Hatch