Panamplify lures Adobe employee, sets sights on customer success

Panamplify has announced that Kevin Jemison has joined the team, having been lured from Adobe.  While at Adobe, he led analytics and optimization efforts for some of the biggest brands in the business including United Health Group, BBVA, Cox Cable, and Fidelity. Prior to his tenure with Adobe, Jemison led the analytics team at Hilton.

Jemison, in joining the team at Panamplify, will be responsible for building out the customer success team and running business operations as Panamplify prepares to start scaling.  Michael Pratt, co-founder and CEO, expressed his pleasure with the hiring of Jemison who will help to guide the future trajectory of Panamplify.

Panamplify is a Dallas startup that entirely eliminates the grunt work associated with the creation of marketing reports. It was created in order to help create a simple way for business leaders to see what their employees did with the money they were given. Pratt, along with co-founder Christopher St. John, have worked to eliminate the need to hire more people to do the work, and instead have built an intelligence system that automates data collection.

That Panamplify is already ready to scale is a testament to the service they provide their customers, and the desire for others to utilize their services.  Only a year ago they closed a round of seed financing with all but $175k of the $1.1 million raised coming from within the metroplex region.

Harmony Tapper