Traxo CAPTURE: inbox scanning for data aggregation

Traxo, a leader in traveler data aggregation has released their newest comprehensive suite of travel data aggregation tools named the “Traxo CAPTURE.”

The Traxo CAPTURE utilizes email inbox scanning with existing data aggregation services to capture detailed information for partners, such as a customers’ booked travel plans, brand preferences, and spending activity. This new scanning ability allows travelers to link their Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, and other email accounts.

“The fragmentation of travel data is rampant as travelers increasingly book across multiple sources and corporations struggle to contain off-platform spending,” said Andres Fabris, Traxo Founder and CEO. “Traxo CAPTURE breaks down those siloes and turns fragmented data into actionable intelligence that corporate travel managers, travel brands, suppliers, agencies, and expense applications can use to stay engaged on their travelers’ experience.”

The Traxo CAPTURE is extremely flexible, offering partners a range of options for integrating thousands of data sources into their own applications. Compared to the competition’s simple email parsing or Gmail inbox scanning, the Traxo CAPTURE aggregates hundreds of data points from thousands of sources. Some of these include:

  • flight details
  • hotel and car rental reservations
  • rail and cruise bookings
  • shared ride and accommodation details
  • spend breakdown, including taxes and fees

“Traxo CAPTURE solves a key challenge we have: accessing itinerary details for off-platform corporate bookings – no matter where they are booked — so we can provide expanded duty of care services for our clients,” said Chris Brozenick, Vice President of Product Strategy at iJET. “The flexibility and breadth of the Traxo CAPTURE solution makes that achievable.”

The Traxo Capture is currently deployed for dozens of partners, delivering rich data solutions for travel brands, suppliers, leisure agencies, expense providers, and risk management solutions, to name a few.

“Our partners continue telling us that demand for different data sources and capabilities keeps growing – it’s an ongoing process with no single ‘right’ answer,” said Fabris. “We designed Traxo CAPTURE to be a fully flexible solution that evolves with our partners’ changing needs.”

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Sophie Hatch