Smoot Carter’s Caterly served more than 700 Thanksgiving meals

Caterly makes one of the most arduous tasks, in-office catering, easy.  Available in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Atlanta the Caterly platform connects businesses with restaurants for all of their catering needs.

Led by Smoot Carter, Caterly provides and serves more than 700 people Thanksgiving in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, showing just how expansive the reach of Caterly is to meet the demands of companies big and small.  Offering free delivery and partner restaurants that have minimum orders for as low as $25, Caterly connects and creates vendors for an outstanding mealtime experience.

Carter has created a company that has connected those in the restaurant industry with those most likely to utilize catered lunches. They will soon offer weekly meal plans known as Caterly Week.  With a large selection of restaurants to pick from, at a wide range of price points, all budgets can be accommodated.

Carter, a Yale grad, is an entrepreneur and investor with a background in family office space. He has founded businesses that focus on two-sided marketplaces and on-demand technology in targeted markets.  Along with Caterly, he is the mind behind Blownaway, an Uber-esque company that offers on-demand hair services in your home.

Caterly works in a similar manner as Blownaway. For both, the user signs up with the company and then all they need to do is place their order, either catering for the home or office or the desired hairstyle or service. Next they select the date and time they would like to book.  A confirmation is provided, and then the restaurant, or stylist, arrives, does their magic. The customer is provided a high-quality service at a reasonable fee without any additional stress or chaos.

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