Fort Worth Startup Weekend Winners

On November 4 thru the 6, Fort Worth hosted a startup weekend where developers, designers, and entrepreneurs came together to share their fresh ideas. The highlight of the convention was the pitching contest that had startup teams selling their ideas to a room full of their peers. Three teams stood out from the rest and took first, second, and third place in the pitch contest.

1st place Buzz Local is one of the large teams at Startup Weekend. The team’s goal is to revolutionize the music booking industry by connecting local musicians with restaurants thru current means.

“We found a lot of pain points between venues and musicians,” David Fruge, team lead for Buzz Local, told LaunchDFW. “Our tool helps modernize the music booking industry by making it easier for locally owned restaurants and bars to book musicians and then track how those musicians helped increase revenue the night they performed,”

Fruge states that by using their simple tool businesses can increase their annual revenue by 10 percent. Also, the tool helps bands find steady work by creating and maintaining connections with the local scene. Check out their website here for more information:

2nd place Pitch’d, formerly called Pitch Fork at the event, is a three-man team that saw a growing need to help companies and investors relationships.

“We’re bringing rapid-fire 3-minute video pitches while simultaneously being able to view the business plan to help gauge what / and who these firms should invest in,” Jonathan Ball, chief executive for Picth’d, told LaunchDFW.

Since the event, the small startup has received funding for their business, and registered their C Corporation under JSK enterprises. They plan to have a working product soon, and already have a few customers interested in using their platform.

3rd place Dreammob is a four-woman team who realized that startups, freelancers, and other career seekers lacked guidance when developing a career path.

“We know that career planning can be a chaotic, frustrating and lonely process and, to add insult to injury, there are no road maps that will help simplify this very complex process,” Parissa Behnia, one of the founding members, told LaunchDFW.

DreamMob looks to create a less expensive way for business professionals who want extra assistance with reaching their potential by connecting them with mentors. The team plans to use an EdTech platform to build a community of support. Check out their website for more information:

Buzz Local Team: David Fruge, Bobby Bindra, Dustin Dvorak, Kalyntheus Carey, Sholon LeBar, Lee Trawick

Pitch’d: Jonathan, Steve, Krishna

DreamMob: Parissa Behnia , Laurel Donnellan, Melody Hajian, Mehri Mirzaei


Rebeca Easton