Scruddle: one inbox for all your stuff

In today’s society, social media is a powerhouse and includes a vast majority of apps to post and view news and social posts. While some post on only a few apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, or Instagram, others utilize all of these outlets and more. Similarly, many people view news from various sources including BBC News, Fox News, CNN, and other outlets.

As social media continues to grow and expand, it can be hard to keep up. As we are bombarded with an influx of news and social information on so many different apps, Scruddle consolidates them all.

This free app allows users to organize how they want to view their desired information. Users can specify how they view, search, organize, and share social and news updates. Basically, users chose what outlets they want to have on Scruddle, and those updates appear on their timeline.

By utilizing Scruddle, users can not only view, but also share images, news, tweets – whatever they’d like – to multiple platforms at once. For example, when the cowboys won their eighth game in a row – fans can share their victory to multiple platforms all at once.

Scruddle is based in Forth Worth, Texas and was founded in 2012 by president, Mark Doyle. He wanted the ability consolidate all news and social media platforms, thus getting rid of the hassle of opening each app individually to view or post information.

In a video interview, Doyle was asked why he created Scruddle.

“Each of us consume so much information on a daily basis – Facebook, Twitter, email, news, blogs, and more,” Doyle explained. “By we never consider how much time we spend creating and consuming that information, or how much time we waste in the way we create and consume that information.”

If you’re concerned about the security of having all your profiles consolidated into one – worry no more. Security is a huge priority for Scruddle, so they encrypt all of your sensitive information. When you add a social media profile to Scruddle, they use the industry-standard OAuth design, which means your password(s) is never exposed or stored. This also enables you to have full control over what Scruddle can access.

Not convinced? Scruddle is free to download from the iTunes store, so there’s nothing to lose, and only simplicity to gain.

Sophie Hatch