Explosive growth of MenuRunners

Earlier this year on June 1, a new food delivery service opened in Addison. Since then, MenuRunners has gone through a tremendous growth spurt. MenuRunners has acquired several companies since their opening, including their latest acquisition, 380 Delivery located in Little Elm and McKinney. The company has opened and services several locations throughout Texas. They have also hired over a hundred delivery drivers, area supervisors, and dispatchers to keep up with their growing client base. MenuRunners has also partnered with Jeevan Betigeri, CEO of Fathom Software, to develop better software to handle their business.

Marketed as an on-demand online ordering and food delivery service for the urban communities and mid-size markets across the nation, MenuRunners has created a simple to use online and mobile platform. Their goal is to connect users with their favorite restaurants in their area and even encourages restaurants to join their system to reach a larger customer base. MenuRunners has even struck a deal with West Texas A&M where students can use their pay cards to order food.

MenuRunners is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and is expected to make their fourth acquisition, Chief2uDelivery, later this month. In addition, they will also open new locations in Amarillo and Canyon sometime later this year, which will give them access to Texas North West market. MenuRunners is excited to expand further and invites food-enthusiast to join their ever-growing business.

Check out their website at MenuRunners.com.

Rebeca Easton