#BigDNT November: MediBookr

Sunny Nadolsky is the CEO and founder of MediBookr and presented at Dallas New Tech last week. MediBookr is an online marketplace for medical imaging such as CT scans and MRIs for both patients and medical imaging centers.

On the patient side, they are trying to solve the problem of high deductible plans, steep costs, availability, quality, and location.

“Think of it this way – if you or someone you know are trying to do an MRI, you might have noticed there’s a big price variance from a few hundred dollars on one side of the street to several thousands dollars,” Nadolsky explained. “What’s more, there’s really no easy way to capture the availability, quality, location- other than calling them one-on-one.”

Ultimately, this wastes a lot of time for a patient. As health insurance has moved to higher deductibles and co-pays, customers are forced to shop around to save money.

The problem for imaging centers is that their costs have increased and customers are becoming savvy shoppers.

To solve these patient and imaging center’s problems, Medibookr was created.

Through their website, patients can quickly find transparent information, availability, location, rating, and price. By viewing different imaging centers, they’re able to make a choice and quickly book an appointment.

On the flip side, imaging centers can quickly create profiles, pricing, offer quotes, and book with qualified patients. As an added bonus, they have the option to view and improve their operations with Medibookr’s analytics. This would allows imaging centers to reduce costs and improve their operations.

Medibookr’s business model is simple: patients use the website for free, and imaging centers pay a lead fee of 10%. This is typically $42 since the average procedure is $420. To receive data analytics, the imaging center would pay a $99/month fee.

Nadolsky put it simply: “Our mission is to help improve healthcare efficiency and quality by introducing transparency.”

Check out her pitch below.

Sophie Hatch