Hayden Blackburn joins Tech FW

Tech Fort Worth, a non-profit organization with a goal of helping entrepreneurs and startup companies successfully launch technology-based platforms, has announced that Hayden Blackburn, former owner of IDEA Works FW, will be joining as an Assistant Director on December 1. Both Tech Fort Worth and Blackburn have similar goals to help educate upcoming startups by providing a place to receive mentorships and classes that’ll fill the gaps in startups’ business plans.

Hayden Blackburn has been a leading strategist, program developer, and entrepreneurial community organizer for the startup scene in Fort Worth. Tech Fort Worth hopes to leverage his experiences to develop new mentorship programs.

“I have been impressed with Hayden’s work at Idea Works. He has a lot of experience in the entrepreneurial community in Fort Worth and will be a great addition to our team,” said Darlene Boudreaux, Executive Director of TECH Fort Worth, during a press release.

Blackburn’s experience with strategic development, marketing, business, and economic development roles has given Blackburn a unique set of skills and perspectives that allow him to create programs that’ll yield the best results for first-time entrepreneurs. Blackburn has always focused on creating an environment that supports and develops startups.

“The launch of IDEA Works FW and bringing the program to its first graduates was always about filling gaps in our support ecosystem for entrepreneurs,” Blackburn said. “Now that we have filled the infrastructure gaps with a mixed-industry incubator and entrepreneur development center, as well as launching new events, it is time to start strengthening our community’s resources and offerings for doers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.”

By joining Tech Fort Worth, Blackburn has a chance to create an even larger program that stimulates collaboration and growth through mentor programs that will, in turn, boost strong business creations for the Fort Worth startup scene.

Rebeca Easton