Harnessing local customer data to drive long-term success for restaurants

Every neighborhood has that one location that seems to house a new restaurant every six months. It could have great service and a delectable menu, but for one reason or another no one can seem to make it work. If you rule out some sort of voodoo curse placed on that storefront, it stands to reason that no one has hit upon the right local marketing strategy that leads to success.

Customers today don’t typically pop in to restaurants just because they drive past them every day. They hear about them on social media, read a review online, or run across them at a pop-up event and get hooked.

More than 60 percent of restaurants fail in their first year. One of the biggest culprits is poor visibility to potential customers. But in an age where we have customer analytics coming out of our ears, it’s just a matter of wrangling all that data and using it to guide marketing strategies.

Enter LSMx, the new customer analytics firm from Buxton that helps restaurant owners, managers, and franchisees target customers. Users can manage every channel of their online marketing efforts from one platform, meaning they don’t have to replicate efforts each time they want to switch gears between social media, email campaigns, paid advertising, and SEO.

Restaurant owners and mangers have to manage vendors and invoices, worry about speed of service and table wait times, and work to hit that sweet spot between having enough wait and kitchen staff- while staying within budget. It’s three full-time jobs in one, and adding sales and marketing to that pile can be overwhelming. The ability to streamline local marketing can be a godsend to overworked managers and owners.

With templates to help guide them through advertising decisions and research on events and market differentiators at their fingertips, LSMx carries the bulk of the heavy customer analytics, freeing up management to actually run the restaurant, knowing their marketing efforts are under control.

Data-driven digital marketing is the key to success in the restaurant industry. Leave the number crunching to the experts at LSMx, and just start planning your eatery’s first birthday celebration.


Kristy Blackmon