#BigDNT November: Floor Show VR

Alyssa Mercer is the co-founder and CPO of Floor Show VR. She recently presented at Dallas New Tech about how Floor Show VR wishes to solve the problem of a lack of mental visualization.

“Floor Show VR is a virtual reality based and home renovation and property viewing solution,” Mercer explained. “It shows any and all changes to a customer before anyone picks up a hammer and lets you tour as many properties as you could in a single day, without ever leaving your couch.”

With their platform, customers are able to build a floor plan, edit color and materials, and view them in VR or 3D rendering. This condenses the timeline on each side of property renovation or home buying. This saves a person’s most valuable commodity – their time.

Last year, $324 billion dollars were spent in the renovation industry. In the past 5 years, there has been a steady 4-5% growth increase. But Mercer explained that Floor Show VR is much more inclusive than home renovations. Their platform allows users to take any floor plan and turn that into a 3D rendering and virtual reality space.

The difference between their competitions, such as IKEA’s kitchen demo where users can view a floor plan with an in-store headset, is that Floor Show VR comes to you. Their software works with a range of products including Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. If a user prefers 3D imaging, they’re able to create a floor plan on their website instead.

They are currently working with companies such as Daltile and Tech Wildcatters to create virtual realities of their unique floor-plans. Thus, they want to take the reputation of virtual reality from just a video game platform, to an everyday, usable system.

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Watch her pitch below.

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