Tech Wildcatters announces the leveling up of Mobifalcon and StuntShare to Level 4

Tech Wildcatters is a leader in Dallas accelerators, and is beyond pleased to announce that StuntShare and Mobifalcon leveled up to Level 4 as part of their new accelerator model, the Gauntlet.  The advancement to Level 4 means that these teams only have one more stage to progress through as they work towards their exit.

Mobifalcon is a digital solution for mobile businesses, otherwise known as the Mobile Mall.  Offering a mobile app as well as a web version, it is possible to search for nearly any product or service out there, but in the local ecosystem.

Local businesses connect with Mobifalcon creating an online store and allowing customers to shop any time of day or night, creating a digital storefront.  Customers using the app can search local businesses for whatever it is they require, and they no longer have to drive from store to store looking for specific items, saving time and money.  Mobifalcon allows the customer to buy and pickup their product or service at their own convenience, without the fear of getting to the store and having their item sold out or otherwise unavailable.

StuntShare offers users the opportunity to explore new locations and enjoy adventures given to them by a local expert.  With many different styles of vacation available, from family to marine to chilling out, and everything in between there is something for all travelers.

StuntShare currently offers travel guidance in Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Sayulita, Ciudad de Mexico, and Punta de Mita while also providing certified experts, secure payment, and a satisfaction guarantee.  Connecting locals with tourists also builds a bond between the tourist and their travel destination, an experience that otherwise may not be enjoyed.

Tech Wildcatters is one of the original 15 accelerators in the world, quickly becoming one of the leading, nationally-ranked accelerators in the country, and around the world.  The industry was left shocked when Tech Wildcatters then turned the model they created upside down, introducing The Gauntlet, a five-tiered system that allows startups to move at their own speed.

The new gamified accelerator allows for startups to utilize data, milestones, and their own ambition to move through the program eschewing the typical cohort system used by other accelerators.  As no two startups are the same, they should not be treated the same, instead Tech Wildcatters see the value of each startup working at their own level and at their own pace for the best outcomes possible.

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