NEX Fills the co-working gap for hardware founders

In the last few years, Dallas has experienced a co-working migration, with many new developments still underway. Generally speaking, these spaces have accepted any and all startups that come through their doors.

Adam Lotia felt that despite an abundance of spaces, there was not much of a niche for hardware-related startups in Dallas. Lotia and his co-founder, Michael Menefee decided to create an opportunity for hardware startups to flourish. This opportunity turned into NEX; a premium co-working and technology center for hardware centric companies.

Given the large base of talent in Dallas at companies such as Ericsson and TI, there are entrepreneurs building solutions to problems outside their day job. NEX is ahead of the curve by anticipating the growing numbers of this talent taking their project to next level.

NEX features a hardware workshop with 3D printers and machine tools, along with data offerings to create a functional environment for teams to grow. Startups will also reap the benefits of being in the same building as Opus-3. To support connected devices, Opus-3 is a data center that offers hybrid cloud solutions.

Most notably about the building itself, is that it used to be Mark Cuban’s old office for According to Lotia’s Dallas Morning News interview, Lotia believes that the history of the building gives the space some much welcomed “good ju-ju”.

Hardware is tough. Arguably, the hardware space is going through the growing pains that software underwent a decade ago. NEX is one component of offsetting that pain.

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