Across Texas, Lilly & Bella delivers fresh, organic baby food right to your door

When it comes to the health and well-being of our children, there is nothing that most parents would not do to ensure they are feeding their youngsters healthy, safe, high-quality food.  For parents that are always going a million miles a minute, the idea of making baby food for their children might as well be a far fetched dream.

Enter Lilly & Bella.  No longer do parents have to pick and choose what parenting experience they can provide.  Working parents with limited time, parents who are uncomfortable making and packaging baby food, and every parent in between, can now skip the grocery store and farmers market.  Created by moms, including founder Karen Salerno, that were tired of having to rely on pouches and tiny jars of food in order to feed their children healthy and organic meals.

No longer do parents need to scour markets for high quality organic food.  Lilly & Bella offers fresh, organic produce and handcrafted recipes made specifically for the age of the child being served.  The handcrafted recipes are delivered each week right to your front door, from any corner of Texas.

Offering four stages, Lilly & Bella ensures that the recipes are exactly what your baby needs.  Stage 1 is where babies are first introduced to foods, and Lilly & Bella offers easy and simple solid foods to help ensure a smooth transition.  Stage 2 provides four meals per day worth of food, with two recipes per week. This is an opportunity for babies 6-8 months old to try new combinations of pureed foods.  Stage 3 is for those older than 8 months, moves towards more chunky foods, gradually moving towards solid foods.

Finally, Lilly & Bella offers Stage 4, three family-sized servings of fruits and vegetables for the entire family to share. Lilly & Bella recognizes that eating together is an important part of learning how to enjoy and experience food. Stage 4 is all about offering new high quality foods for the whole family to enjoy together.

Lilly & Bella takes some of the stress out of parenting by taking over the guessing game of feeding a young child.  No longer do parents have to worry about what to do. Lilly & Bella offers step-by-step recipes making an overwhelming and sometimes scary experience stress-free.  With affordable pricing and inexpensive shipping, enjoying Lilly & Bella is an affordable opportunity to ensure that parents are able to feed their children the absolute best, organic food out there.  Lilly & Bella offers flexible subscription options, parents can choose the delivery schedule that works for them and their busy lives.

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