Linux Academy, leader in Linux and cloud instruction secures $2.3 million from Arthur Ventures

Fort Worth-based Linux Academy is the foremost online Linux and cloud training platform and community. Offering users a high-quality, in-depth training program at prices that nearly everyone can afford, Linux Academy ensures that no one is ever left out of improving their skills. On November 1 Linux Academy announced the securing of $2.3 million in growth financing from Arthur Ventures.

Over the last five years Linux Academy has steadily grown to become the largest community anywhere that is dedicated to Linux and cloud training.  The student-centric company looks to help people advance into high demand segments in the technology field with companies like Azure, AWS, OpenStack, and other cloud and big data technologies.

Linux Academy is special. With it’s student-focused approach, and the highest certification exam pass rate of any other cloud training platform available today, their success of their programs is obvious.  The founder and CEO of Linux Academy, Anthony James, believes that teaching Linux and cloud technology to as many students as possible will change lives.

Setting Linux Academy apart is the desire to offer the knowledge to almost everyone making the partnership with Arthur Ventures even more noteworthy. They focus on investing in fast-growing software companies outside of Silicon Valley.  With Arthur Ventures stepping in as a capital partner that creates more opportunity to successfully grow and continue to reflect the needs of the market.

James says of his company, “We are dedicated to supporting our growing community of tens of thousands of students and we have some exciting new products to introduce in the coming months,” with this round of financing being used to support these product initiatives.

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